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Above Beach Point

Oil on linen,16"x 16", $1750

These paintings from above were initially inspired by my wonder at the twists and curves of the Pamet River as seen on Google Earth. After the first one was complete, more favorite spots beckoned. I start out with underpainting the canvas in bright, warm colors. After laying in the land shapes from Google Earth, I start with colors, letting the underpainting shine through in the final piece. These paintings of the Cape Cod landscape from an unusual perspective really fascinate me. They are realistic in the same way a map is, but quite abstract in appearance.

Great Island and the Gut.jpeg

Above Great Island & The Gut

Oil on linen, 8"x 8", $900

Depot Road & Harbor (Above).JPG

Above Depot Road

Oil on linen,8"x 8", $825

Blackfish Creek.jpeg

Above Blackfish Creek

Oil on linen,12"x 12", $1350

Lieutenant Island.jpeg

Above Lieutenant Island

Oil on linen,12"x 12", $1350


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