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My window series is evolving from older paintings that I want to reclaim. After studying the old painting and choosing favorite parts, I set the work on the easel and start working, leaving the best areas showing. In this way, "Bathrobe" grew from a painting of a garden; a view of the ocean surf became "Bedroom Mirror"; one version of the guest room became the next "Guest Room". I find these paintings exciting: they grow from something else, and so they have a depth of layering that becomes complex, elusive, and intriguing.

Bathrobe2 2018.jpg


Oil on Canvas, 16"x 12", $1200

Guest Room.jpg

Guest Room

Oil on Linen, 12"x 9", $900

Bedroom Mirror.jpg

Bedroom Mirror

Oil on Linen, 17"x 11", $1100

Loft with Screen

Oil on Panel, 12"x 9", $700

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